We're BeaEimear and Hayley, the members of Equal Folk.

We're really passionate about equality and everything creative. It's out of our love for these things that Equal Folk was born! We're really excited to be part of the change to help educate, empower and give people a voice through our designs and projects, and we're excited for you to join us on our journey!


Managing Director

I'm Bea: in no particular order, I'm Italian, a singer and musician, sushi fanatic, equality and equity advocate, creative thinker and practical do-er, environmental and sustainability activist, a minimalist, innovation and audience engagement passionate, sun seeker, social entrepreneur, illustrator, and a hugger.

And I’m one of the Co-Founders of Equal Folk.


Business Development Director

I’m Eimear: I’m Irish and grew up in the Royal county of Meath. I enjoy the simple things in life and like to see the good in every day. Some of my favourite things include cats, vitamin D, donuts, traveling and Harry Potter. I am an advocate for sustainability and equality. I’m a fitness instructor, and love to make people feel good.

And I’m one of the Directors of Equal Folk.


Outreach Director

I’m Hayley: I’m Irish, with a love of cultures, languages, and putting on different accents – particularly a Scottish accent! I’m happiest in Autumn, surrounded by pretty leaves and pretty colours. I like to see the world from different perspectives, especially when upside-down in a handstand! I am passionate about good food, coffee, the environment, equality and love. Every beach is my favourite beach.

And I’m one of the Co-Founders of Equal Folk.



Lubin Lone

Lubin graduated in Illustration from ECA in 2008, and has since then been scribbling their inner most thoughts in the form of words and quirky little line drawings. With a great love for life, nature and women - their work often explores gender, sexuality, love, and the beauty of the natural world.

You can see more of Lubin’s ‘creative meditations’ here: lubinlubin.blogspot.co.uk


Charlotte Micklewright

Charlotte is a Bologna-based illustrator who also works in film. From a young age she has loved drawing characters and telling stories.

She has illustrated 5 children's books and her main purpose in life is to inject and encourage extra creativity everywhere.

See more of Charlotte's art here: charlottemicklewright.com


Megan Daly

Megan is a bubbly bundle of energy who is forever doodling and creating quirky illustrations, sometimes based on dreams she has during a nap! Her love for Scotland is perfectly reflected in her work and endearing lines, which work together to create a warm and cosy feeling that can only make you smile.

See more of Megan's art here: funkybobbins


Norma Nardi

Norma started her journey from a tiny village somewhere in the North of Italy, where she would spend her days listening to her grandmother's stories. At the time, she had a very detailed plan for becoming an astronaut.

A couple of decades later, she is still drawing her spaceship plan.

Besides having endless fun with such crazy dreams, she is based in Brussels and makes illustrations, taking most of her inspiration from the quirks of daily life.

Check out her work here: www.normanardi.com