Grooms at The Heart of Midlothian

Those of you who are familiar with Edinburgh will appreciate how hard it was to take this photo without someone spitting on the heart mid snap!

We had to be quick when taking this photo yesterday as we dodged many wandering feet and flying spits from tourists and locals! One Scottish man walked passed and shouted 'rrright in the middle of ay!' as he spat on the heart with passion and precision.

Then along came an American couple. The woman shuffled towards the heart muttering 'wait, wait' as she gathered momentum, before sending a slightly misguided droplet to the side of the cobbled heart (seen to the left of the photo if you look close enough). Her partner seemed satisfied with her delivery however and exclaimed loudly 'theeeere ya go!'

We had lots of laughs :D

You can read about the history of the famous (or infamous) Heart of Midlothian on the Royal Mile here.