Girls Rock School Edinburgh

We went to visit the girls at Edinburgh’s Girls Rock School last month and have finally got around to writing about our time together! It was well worth the wait.

The riot ladies had just finished up their first term and were performing their songs all evening, and we were lucky enough to sit in with them! We had loads of fun cheering, clapping, singing and dancing as each band rocked out. The girls broke into a bit of jamming afterwards and had their awards ceremony at the end, where they each received their very own Girls Rock School Certificate!

Some of the band names on the night ranged from Vagina Wolf to Fistymuffs, to Margaret Thatcher and the Tesco Rebellion!


Christina from ‘The Diesel Divas’ on the drums said “Women Rock! You rarely see women with instruments, they’re mainly vocalists. I’m gonna try guitar next term!” She was buzzing with energy listening to her fellow rockers rocking out, and killed the drums just after we chatted!

We talked to Sara who is a guitar tutor. She heard about GRS and decided to go along and take up the drums. She said, “It’s amazing how far you come in 6 weeks! It has helped my musical ability in general, with rhythm etc. I’ve really enjoyed it!”. Sara plays in a band outside of the GRS with all male musicians and said: 

Girls Rock School is improving gender diversity within music. There’s such a diverse range of people here. It’s not just about learning something new. It’s about confidence, encouraging each other and meeting new people. There are older and younger folk here and we all just jell really well and enjoy playing together!

Nikki told us how GRS has a “community feel: everyone helps each other out here.” Nikki learned drums last term and is helping out with teaching this term. She said that GRS is “great for your confidence!”

We spoke to Natasha who received her certificate for being GRS’s door manager. She talked about how amazing the group is and how she wanted to help out in any way she could. She might come back next term and learn an instrument!

We then chatted to Claire about the diversity within Girls Rock School. She said,

Queer folk are generally attracted to GRS, it’s just really open. I like to challenge myself and it’s great to do that with women and see other women doing the same – get over the fear by doing it together. You can fuck up and no one gives a shit. Makes you just want to do it more.

We had an amazing time with the Girls Rock School and were blown away by their warmth, openness, talent and general kick ass attitude.

Their summer showcase gig is coming up really soon, go check them out!                                                                                                                         It’s on Friday the 3rd of June at The Wee Red Bar from 19:30.

The Twistettes are headlining, followed by the accomplished GRS graduates Tongue Trap, Lou Mclean, Fistymuffs and more!

Here’s the link to the event: 

Thanks again for having us GRS, we hope we get to rock out with you next term too!