Git yer Kilts oon fur a good cause!

Aw right pals, hens, lads, laddies, lassies and bonny wee bairns taae sher why no!!

Off wi yer breeks and on wi yer kilts tae support LGBT Youth Scotland wi a wee wander roond Auld Reekie!

Whether yer fae Glasgae, Auld Reekie, Speyside or furry boots toon, thae'll be a walk tae suit ye.

Let's hope fae a braw day ay! ;)


Alright friends, women, men, boys, girls, and beautiful children too shur why not!

Off with your trousers and on with your kilts to support LGBT Youth Scotland with a wee wander around Edinburgh.

Whether you're from Glasgow, Edinburgh, Speyside or Aberdeen, there will be a walk to suit you.

Let's hope for a good day! ;)

Charity Event Details:

The Royal Bank of Scotland Kiltwalk is a unique Scottish charity event where every penny raised goes towards supporting Scotland’s children.

This Spring and Summer you can get on your walking shoes and head out with a touch of tartan to take part in the Kiltwalk for LGBT Youth Scotland!

The dates are as follows: Glasgow April 24th. Aberdeen 5th June. Speyside 14th August. Edinburgh 18th September.

You can walk on your own or you can get a team of friends together, either way a Kiltwalk is a great way to meet people as you get fit, enjoy the scenery and make new friends as you walk!

Visit the Kiltwalk Webiste to register and select LGBT Youth Scotland as your charity. 100% of the money you raise will support vulnerable lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender young people across Scotland, providing a lifeline for young people ‘coming out’ and ‘staying out’, exchanging fear and isolation for friends, support and a new start in life.

If you want to read more about walking to support LGBT Youth Scotland, click HERE.