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We're all different but we're all one, and we want to celebrate the beauty of this united diversity!

At Equal Folk, our mission is one of equality.


We’re not just creating cards, we're empowering people and spreading a powerful message!


We're creating cards and postcards for the LGBTI+ community to create awareness, give people a voice and to celebrate diversity. We want you to use our cards as a way to express yourself, plant a seed of thought or start an important conversation. We want to give you a way to tell someone who you are, how you feel or to simply share a smile with someone close to you.

Featuring Equal Folk’s design in our store is a real honor. We love to see people’s reactions as they notice the cards and prints and feel like these are truly made with them in mind
— Sam, shop owner
It’s always nice to see people look at the cards and do a double take. They can’t believe that there is finally something that doesn’t beat around the bush and speaks to them and about them honestly
— Andrea, shop owner
I can finally see myself and my partner represented faithfully on a card! We don’t have to compromise anymore
— Olivia, customer
Thanks for creating such an amazing relatable and tangible thing
— Grey, customer
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